Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 23, 2009 Kent Dove - A Blueprint for Fundraising Success in Any Economy

I joined an audience of AFP members and non-members for Kent Dove's recent webinar, "A Blueprint for Fundraising Success in Any Economy: Creating a Sustainable, Comprehensive
Development Model." Dove offers an amazing array of insights based on many years of successful higher education fundraising. Here are a few nuggets of knowledge for you to integrate into your planning:
  1. Focus on assessing the needs, choosing the right methods for raising funds, and the best process for evaluating effectiveness

  2. Volunteers are integral to a successful program. When engaging volunteers in fundraising, dedicate adequate resources and guidance to help them be successful.

  3. Focus your annual fund development on acquiring new donors, getting donors to repeat, and upgrading current donors.

  4. Above all, keep stewardship top of mind when creating your strategy.

While I found great value and nuggets in the presentation, I felt it would have been helpful to have more acknowledgement of the current recession and suggestions for countering its effects.

Dove's authored many books including, Conducting a Successful Fundraising Program, which has proven useful to me in working with organizations and budgets of all sizes. The book has a place of honor in my office. This book is included on the reading list for the CFRE exam.

I'm not suggesting, "Fundraising by the Book," but rather to utilize the best tools to develop a comprehensive strategy that will help your organization reach its potential.